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  • Hutan, meaning 'mountain' in Malay, is a stunning new 'crossover font' for designers from LostandFoundry.

    This typeface has the look and feel of a sleek, modern sans serif font, but with beautiful, 'serif-like' touches inspired by the tropical forest I live near.


    Hutan will bring an elegant organic quality to your design projects - in headlines, titles, logos, text, packaging design and branding. And online on your websites, blogs, vlog titles, Youtube creator titles and social media post titles.


    Use Hutan whenever you need a contemporary, clean-lined font, yet one that is stylish and with a special aesthetic.


    Hutan supports French, German and many other European languages.

    Hutan comes in 2 weights in TTF, and for online, WOFF file formats

    Hutan Light Set

    • This Hutan Light download purchase includes a TTF file for all your desktop uses, as well as a complimentary webfont version - WOFF, for your online use.

      After purchase you'll be sent a confirmation message that contains the download links to all the files.

      Just download and install in your system as per usual with fonts. If you encounter any issues, please contact me.

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